What are the Significant Skills You Can Learn in an Integrated MBA Course?


A new trend that sets trends in business education is integrated MBA in Odisha and other states. This course is making students’ heads turn towards it due to its ease and comfort of acquiring undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at a stretch.

Come on! Get to know more about this course and the range of skills you can learn while pursuing an integrated MBA at the best integrated MBA colleges in Odisha and others.

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What is an integrated MBA degree?

An integrated MBA is an exclusive one-shot business education course that covers both undergraduate and postgraduate levels via its course duration and curriculum. 

Integrated MBA courses are exclusively designed for students aspiring strongly with a clear vision to establish themselves in the business world. Some of the renowned educational institutions such as Biju Patnaik Institute of Information Technology & Management Studies, one of the top integrated MBA colleges in Bhubaneswar, and others offer a remarkable integrated MBA.

Course Highlights of an integrated MBA degree:

Here are the course highlights of an integrated MBA course at top management colleges in Bhubaneswar and others that you should know if you are planning to pursue it.

Duration  5 years
Mode  Semester 
Course Module Integrated MBA courses are designed with 7 semesters of the undergraduate curriculum followed by MBA specialization in the next 3 semesters.
Eligibility Criteria The basic eligibility criteria to pursue an integrated MBA at the best management colleges in Bhubaneswar and others are as follows:

  • Candidates should have completed 10+2 or equivalent at any recognised educational institution.
  • The candidate should have scored a minimum of 45% aggregate score.

The eligibility criteria mentioned above are subject to change based on your chosen college. 

Admission Procedure Admission procedures varied from college to college.

Certain integrated MBA colleges in India provide admission on a merit basis considering 10+2 or equivalent scores while few other colleges such as the best colleges for MBA in BSSR require passing scores in any entrance exams like OJEE, CMAT, GMAT, MAT, CAT, etc. 

Average Course Fee INR 1,00,000 to INR 17,00,000

With the idea of the integrated MBA course at top colleges for MBA in Bhubaneswar, let us get to know the remarkable skills that you learn in this course.

Top 10 significant skills taught in an integrated MBA course:

An integrated MBA course at leading private MBA colleges in Bhuvaneswar and others educates a wide range of skills and the top 10 among them are as follows:

Business Acumen: 

Integrated MBA in Odisha and others often offer a broad understanding of various business functions such as finance, marketing, operations, and human resources, helping students develop a holistic view of how organizations operate.

This skill and knowledge are the pillars for incredible business administration and management in any field of business.


As a business professional, leadership is one of the most expected qualities and an integrated MBA helps to develop it.

Integrated MBA programs often emphasize leadership development through coursework, case studies, and group projects, allowing students to cultivate skills in decision-making, team management, and strategic thinking.


Effective communication is crucial in the business world. Integrated MBA programs typically provide opportunities for students to hone their written and verbal communication skills through presentations, reports, and interactions with classmates and faculty.

Critical Thinking: 

Business involves many critical situations that require you to handle and so, integrated MBA programs encourage critical thinking by challenging students to analyze complex business problems, evaluate different solutions, and make informed decisions based on data and evidence.

Analytical Skills: 

Students learn to analyze financial statements, market trends, and other relevant data to derive insights and inform business decisions. Courses in statistics, economics, and data analysis are often included in these programs.

Global Perspective: 

With the increasing globalization of business, integrated MBA programs often incorporate coursework on international business practices, cross-cultural communication, and global market trends to prepare students for working in diverse environments.


Some proportion of students take up MBAs to establish their own businesses. Understanding this, many integrated MBA programs offer coursework and resources for aspiring entrepreneurs, helping students develop skills in opportunity identification, business planning, and innovation.

Ethical Decision-Making: 

Business ethics is a critical component of integrated MBA programs, teaching students to navigate complex ethical dilemmas and make decisions that align with moral principles and legal regulations.

Project Management: 

Business modulation and development always involve encountering new projects. So, integrated MBA in Odisha and others often include coursework in project management, providing students with skills in planning, organizing, and executing projects efficiently and effectively.


Networks are the connective rules for business enhancement and development. S0, integrated MBA programs often provide opportunities for students to network with industry professionals, alumni, and peers through internships, guest lectures, and networking events, helping students build valuable connections for their future careers.

On the whole, pursuing an integrated MBA in Odisha and others will help you learn remarkable skills that propel your career to a great height in your respective fields of business.


Getting to the point of conclusion, we would say that if you are confident enough on entering the beusinee world for your career, then it is time to take up an integrated MBA in Odisha or other states. Start your journey know.


  • Is an integrated MBA a graduate course?

Yes, Integrated BBA MBA is a graduate program that covers both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

  • What is the average salary range after Integrated MBA?

The average salary range after Integrated MBA is from INR 3,50,000 to INR 16,00,000. With experience, even the salary scale can reach INR 25,00,000.

  • Is there scope for an integrated MBA abroad?

Integrated MBA is gaining immense scope abroad due to the constant upgradation in business prospects all around the world.

  • Which is better, a regular MBA or an integrated MBA?

To establish a strong career in the business world, an integrated MBA will be the best option.

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