How to Download Roblox
How to Download Roblox

Roblox is a renowned gaming platform, and offers a wide range of virtual experiences over 30 million players. User can play with their friends and family members. You can play roblox after download on PC, or try the application installation for free. Here’s we have explained, How to download Roblox on a PC Windows 7/10/11?.

Roblox Download PC

Here we are explaining all instructions about installation of the Roblox in a Computer:

  • Go to
  • If you have already an account then click on Log In Button. Login Through Email / Username / Phone Number and add password. If You do not have a Roblox account, go to signup and provide following information Date of Birth, Username, Password, and Gender.
roblox download pc
  • After log in, select any game from the list, that you want to play.
How to Download Roblox on a PC
  • Click on Green Button to play.
How to play Roblox
  • After Click, New POP-UP box will open, and click on Download and Install Roblox. Automatic file download will start into computer.
Download and Install Roblox
  • Run the installation file to install Roblox. File Name will be RobloxPlayerLauncher.exe
  • Click on Ok Button once you have successfully installed Roblox.
  • Back on the Download webpage, click on the Join button.
  •  New pop-up appears to run roblox on window, click on Open Roblox to start the game.
  • Now You game will start.


If you are using Google chrome, Mozilla or any other browser, you can easily play through these steps. May be some step will be skip due to other browsers settings.

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Is Roblox On PC Free?

Yes, Roblox on Pc is Free.

Can I download Roblox on Windows 10?

Yes, You can download Roblox on windows 10, window 7, and Window 11.

Can you play Roblox without installing it?

No. We must to download file and install to play roblox.

How do you play Roblox on Google Chrome without downloading?

Roblox will play on google chrome, but downloading and installation file is important.