How long do edibles stay in your hair?


Edibles are food and beverage items that contain cannabinoids, which are the chemical compounds found in marijuana. They come in many different forms and potencies. Edibles are becoming a growing preference amongst individuals who use marijuana for many reasons. So, how long do edibles stay in your hair?

Hair follicle testing can detect drugs for up to 90 days or three months, with the results depending on the frequency of use. If you have consistently consumed edibles during this time, the new follicles growing will continue to have trace amounts of cannabinoids. 

Ingesting Edibles

When consuming edibles, it takes longer for the user to perceive the effects of the cannabinoids because it takes longer for the drug to enter the bloodstream. Inhaling cannabinoids, for example, results in faster upload because they enter the bloodstream quickly. It is also processed faster than edibles. The more potent the edibles are, the quicker the user will feel the effects. Ingesting cannabinoids causes the body to saturate before users realize the effects. 


Process Of Absorption

Depending on the variety of edibles the user consumes, the absorption can be faster or slower. Items that melt and liquids are easier to break down and cause some cannabinoids to enter the tongue sublingually. Baked goods that are chewed and swallowed break down further in the stomach with normal digestion. The absorption process continues all the way through the lower intestine, just as other nutrients would in the body, and is deposited in all body tissues, including hair. For more information look online for how long do edibles stay in your hair

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The half-life of marijuana’s effects is variable for the user and depends on potency and tolerance. Cannabis is detectable in the blood for about 12-24 hours after first consumption. Heavy users can show positive for marijuana anywhere from 7-30 days or more, hair up to 90 days. Although the effects of the drug wear off, the amount of detectable cannabinoids continues to grow with repeated consumption, which includes hair follicles.   


Hair Follicle Testing 

When being tested for cannabinoids, you will have about 100 strands of hair cut as closely as possible to your scalp, and the clipped strands mailed in a secure mailer to the lab. Traces are detectable in strands with moderate usage until the hair follicle is replaced by the natural growth cycle. It takes approximately 90 days on average for a hair follicle to grow to its determined length and fall out, and until it does, you can test positive for cannabinoids. 


Estimating The Time


The effects of the marijuana itself don’t change too drastically when consuming edibles. The marijuana maintains its psychoactive and sometimes hallucinogenic properties. A variety of factors affect the rate at which your body metabolizes the cannabinoids.


Now would be a good time to look online for more information on how long do edibles stay in your hair if you will be drug tested soon. Users will continue to test positive because the amount of time it takes for cannabinoids to be undetected in hair follicles won’t be an accurate estimate until edible consumption and absorption have stopped. 

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