Everything You Should Know About Multi-Head Split System

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Buying an air conditioner for your home is both exciting and confusing. There are so many factors to consider, like what spaces or rooms you want it for, your brand preferences and what type of conditioning system will suit your needs best. 

So if you are looking for a versatile conditioner for cooling or heating two or more rooms, a multi head split system is your best choice. This advanced air conditioning system has a single outdoor unit and can be the most cost-effective and powerful solution for your space. Also, the multi-room solution can go perfectly with the external aesthetics, and that’s why it is perfect for homes with limited spaces, apartments and townhouses. So, you can look at the section below for more details and make an informed buying choice.

What Is a Multi-Head Split Air Conditioning System?

A multi-head split system is the bigger version of the split air conditioning system. It has a single outdoor unit with a powerful compressor that connects several indoor wall-mounted units. The result is better efficiency, powerful cooling, and more savings on energy bills. This air conditioning is best for homes with limited space as it offers easy installation, versatility and space-saving choices.

How Does a Multi-Head Split Air Conditioning Work? 

You don’t have a complex duct system in a multi-split AC, as the indoor and outdoor units remain connected with power cables, condensate drain lines and refrigerant lines. Multi-split systems use the same technology as single-wall split conditioning units, where half of the system is placed inside and the other half outside the home.

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When you require cooling, an internal unit or the fan coil sucks the warm air out and circulates the cool air. For warming a specific zone, the heat pump performs a reverse function creating much-needed heating during winter. These systems also have specialised sensors that detect temperature changes and enable automatic adjustments in each room.

What Is the Cost of a Multi-Head Split Air Conditioning System?

You can’t expect set prices for multi-split ACs. The reason is these AC units are customised according to your specific requirements. And while you get most split system ACs with a 7-8 kW rating, the rating may go up to 14-15 kW, and the price may vary accordingly. And based on the number of indoor units, you can choose a model and brand, which may cost between $2000 and $3000.

What Is the Cost of Installing a Multi-Head Split Air Conditioning System?

While installing multi-split ACs costs less than duct systems, the charges may still be slightly higher than single-wall split ACs. It is due to the greater length of the pipe and the work needed for installing multiple indoor units throughout the home. Hence, only a licensed professional should install your AC.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Multi-Head Split AC?

  • Multi-head split ACs are excellent for larger homes with multiple indoor units connected to an outdoor unit.
  • Based on your chosen air conditioner model, you can connect about eight indoor units to a single outdoor unit which helps you save a lot of space outside your house.
  • You can choose from indoor units like floor consoles, wall-mounted, ceiling cassette or bulkhead concealed.
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While you learn some essential facts about multi-head split AC, deciding what system you need can be tricky. So, you need to work out your requirements with a qualified technician. And if you have already decided on the system, you can contact your service provider, get a price quote and discuss your installation options.    


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