3 essential HR functions in business according to Sunday Marketplace



A human resources department is essential for the smooth functioning of the company. Over time the functions of the department have changed, but the Sunday Marketplace presents us with 3 basic functions that the HR department must fulfil.

 Selection and recruitment of employees

The HR function should be involved as early as the personnel selection stage, taking into account the pace of work for the vacancy required by the company. The purpose of management is to select, hire and retain employees who are qualified and competent for a specific position. Through interviews, HR searches and identifies the most suitable candidates for the vacancy.Choosing the most suitable and qualified person for the position will ensure the company’s success through their work.

 Employee training

employee training courses ensure their proper development in the company. The work success of the employees has an influence on the company’s development and the achievement of goals. Human Resources ensures that new employees acquire the knowledge and skills needed to perform their jobs effectively. If successful, the efficiency of the work performed will increase, resulting in higher productivity and better business growth.

 Industrial relations

The interpersonal relationships of a company’s employees are critical to maintaining a smooth work pattern where each employee can rely on a colleague to resolve issues and issues as quickly as possible. Human resources sets workplace standards, policies and regulations and provides the appropriate framework for each employee to live with. Likewise, he can create or offer free time in the company to strengthen relationships between employees and improve communication, even if they come from different departments.

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The work of the human resources department is a fundamental part of every company. Good management of physical and human resources ensures the implementation of the work and the goals that the company aims to achieve.Whether you’re starting a business or looking to grow your business, it’s important to consider a department from the start.